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Workshop na casa noturna Lado B - 2007

Luis Antonio F. de Carvalho (Heavy) was born in Araçatuba, state of Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1967.
He graduated in Technical Data Processing in 1986, Radio Broadcaster in 1989, Electronics Technician in 2000 and Web Designer in 2003, in addition to other graduations. But as artistic designer is self-taught.
As a child already developed his passion for drawing, but only in 1987 was the first opportunity for him, an appearance on "towel newspaper" Tuba.
Soon after that, he launched his own publishing: the fanzine "Tipinhus".
During 1988 and 2001 did the fanzine and worked in newspapers the city at night, where he acquired knowledge in printing, assembly, etc.
During 1990 and 1992 he has been working in São Paulo, where he edited the fanzine there.
After 2001 he dedicated his talent to the Internet, where his drawings appeared in various websites.
He works with animation since 2009, but only in 2011 got a job in a didactic material company, as an illustrator and animator, and game programmer.
In 2015 he started making 3D modeling jobs, increasing creative possibilities.

About Tipinhus:

It is a fanzine edited since 1988 by Heavy. A fanzine of comics, created by him.

In zine, the stories and the characters are based on own experiences of the author, and what happens there ... The zine has had 60 editions and, overall, had about 8,000 copies.

In total there are 300 characters, from rockers, aliens, crazy, ordinary people and even objects and animals with life (there is a philosopher dog with own opinions ...)
The issues were handmade and printed on Xerox and is then distributed (sold) hand to hand, for those interested.

In 2001 the author released the electronic version of fanzine.Saíram only two editions.
After that, he dedicated his work to other projects, including music and cartoons. And before that, in 1987, he released a booklet: "Tributo a um ingrato" (Tribute to an ungrateful), which had a print run of only 35 copies. In 2006 it was reissued under the name "Neuronios em Movimento" (Neurons in motion).

He made several exhibitions showing their characters. The last was in 2007.

Due to personal problems had to leave for a year of your projects, but never ceased to practice his drawings.

Since 2009 he work with animation.

In 2014 he worked in new projects such as Tipinhus Kids and Teens Tipinhus (line T).

In 2016 he promises more creations and a possible return of the fanzine, in addition to the reissue of old works.

Foto: Folha da Região, 2000
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